Happy Thanksgiving!!

Not being home for my favorite holiday is/was a little weird. I’m having major FOMO seeing all my friends and family home together (and seeing pictures of the delicious food!!! *sigh*). However, I feel lucky to have spent Thanksgiving evening with some cool people here in Madrid. We showed a few Europeans what it’s all about!


Being on my own in Madrid, especially this past week, I had some extra time to reflect the things I am most thankful for this year.

First of all, I am beyond grateful to be abroad this semester—I cannot describe how thankful I am for this experience. I still have a month left and am not quite ready to reflect about my experience as a whole, but I absolutely have to say a HUGE thank you to my parents for allowing me to have this opportunity. Thank you for taking my crying phone calls and for always knowing just what to say to keep me going. Also, thank you both so much for visiting me in Madrid! I hope you enjoyed your time here as much as I did. (Ryan, wish you could have been here too!)

You know the cliché phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”—well it’s so true. I have some truly amazing people in my corner, and I’m not sure where I would be without them to help me walk through this life. (Ok, so I can guess where I would be: face-flat on the floor, probably). As Jamie Tworkowski says, “People need other people,” and being away from all “my people” this semester has reminded me how true this is.

To my friends from Jersey: There’s something to be said about getting out of our hometowns, going to college, traveling the world, BUT there’s also nothing like coming home to you all each and every time. Cranford is where I feel most like myself, most comfortable, and there’s no doubt it is because I am surrounded by my favorite people. Thank you all for sticking by my side for so long. You have given me more than I can ever return XO

GMU peeps: Just because I’m a Jersey girl at heart does not mean Virginia doesn’t hold a piece of my heart—because it does. You are all some of the smartest and kindest people I have ever encountered, and you accept me and my craziness on a daily basis (even when I’m bugging out over school). You have challenged me to think differently, inspired me to have bigger dreams, and most importantly, you tolerate my Beyonce karaoke 😉

Fam: Whether it is a gathering of the Dooley clan or the Wieczoreks, I can always count on my family to make me laugh so hard that I cry and to tell one too many embarrassing stories (and they wonder why I don’t bring friends around…). I feel like I spent more time than usual with many of you this summer, and for that, I am very thankful. Many of you have given me life advice I will never forget, and all of you have shaped some part of who I am through the experiences we have shared together. See you all at Christmas!


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